Demonstrated ROI

A small investment in the right information at the right time can mean substantial ROI for our clients in the form of protected market share and increased sales.

Illustrative client case:

Profile: A B2B software solution provider with an average lifetime value of $50,000 per new business customer.

Challenge: A competitor is generating buzz about a new product offering that threatens to take market share.

Outcome: S|R delivers a report on the competitor’s new product rollout plans and pricing before this information is available to end customers. With the help of S|R’s consulting services, the client launches a promotion of its own preempting the competitor's threat to take market share.

S|R project cost: $9,000 (three-week turnaround).

Return for client, within 60 days: $50,000 (based on JUST ONE new customer in the first six weeks).

First year ROI: Five-plus times initial investment. A quick return of 10X, 20X or more is typical based on the value of new deals to our clients.