It's 2020, forget schedules

By S|R Staff
Jan. 09, 2020

With a new year individuals and businesses alike are pursuing new and ambitious goals. Goals for improving health are not separate from or in opposition to workplace goals. Experts highlight several often-overlooked habits that will set us up for success in 2018. These are:

Sleep: Skimping on sleep makes everything harder.

Schedule less: Over-packed or unrealistic schedules are discouraging and ineffective.

Use routines: Routines can be a powerful tool used to complete tasks and stay on track with both professional and personal goals. Consistency is key. It takes an estimated 30 days before an activity starts to become a habit whether it is those dreaded cold calls or the trip to the gym.

To help position your business for success in 2018, S|R has created this competitor checklist, a free resource to help you gauge your competitive position and begin planning the next steps to meet your 2018 sales goals.

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